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About Dale Beaumont

Dale is a visionary entrepreneur who has achieved extraordinary success as a business builder, speaker, author and mentor. He is passionate about helping people to live a remarkable and fulfilling life.


What are the ingredients that make a business a success? Dale is an expert on this topic, and he’s inspired thousands of business owners to reach and exceed their personal and financial goals.


A highly accomplished speaker, Dale’s breadth and depth of knowledge is unrivalled. With a fresh and engaging style, Dale is a magnetic speaker who will energise your next event.


As author of 16 titles in the highly regarded ‘Secrets Exposed’ series, Dale lifts the lid on the ideas, insights and strategies of hundreds of talented entrepreneurs and business experts.


‘To whom much is given, much is required.’ This philosophy underpins Dale’s approach to life. He actively supports numerous charities and has inspired many people to join him on life changing journeys.


Travel is a great way to expand your thinking – a principle Dale lives by. Together with his young family, he has travelled to 50+ countries, gaining fresh perspectives and new ideas.


Knowing the impact personal development has had in his own life, Dale has been a driving force in helping motivate 30,000 young people across Asia Pacific to create a successful future.


Helping people to reach their goals is at the core of all Dale does. He is currently co-leading a project to establish a junior golf academy to support and advance junior golfers.

My name is Marty Wilson and I run the ‘What I Wish I Knew’ Speaking, Mentoring and Information Products Company.

I implemented just one of the many strategic ideas that I learnt from Dale and it directly resulted in:

1. A promotion of my company to a database of 250,000 people, right in the middle of my target market.

2. A new contract with a national company (you would have heard of them) worth over $100,000 to me.

Having this extra cash flow in my business means that I can now have time in cafes to gently mull over strategic ideas for my business growth. Now I can work ‘on my business’ not just slog away ‘in my business’.

My advice: Learn from Dale Beaumont – he knows lots and lots of stuff.

Marty Wilson Author of the Best-Seller ‘What I Wish I Knew’

I went from a high school teacher’s salary to creating a business turning over $300,000 over the past 3 years with Dales help.

Dale took me by the hand, showed me the ropes, showed me how to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes…and well, the results have been amazing not only for me but for my family as well.

Not only have I been featured on Kerri-Anne Show and other TV shows… I have also taken my family on a 5 week round the world trip, to the U.S. and Europe etc.

This would never have been possible without Dales help so – thank you Dale!

Sharon Witt Founder of the ‘Teen Talk’ Series

Since your seminar I have implemented so much of what you taught – it’s been amazing to see how much I’ve actually done!

Thanks to your advice I’ve finished my latest book and got the file converted and uploaded to Amazon and iTunes. Plus thanks to your referral, I have got my new website up and running. Check out It’s so much more user-friendly and professional than my last website. Plus I love the fact I can now make changes myself with a few clicks of my mouse, so I am adding new content every other day.

Also I am putting into practice everything you taught me about Video Marketing. In the last 6 weeks I’ve pumped out 72 new videos, generating 5,387 views and a massive spike in free traffic coming to my website.

Thanks Dale, You’re easily Australia’s Number 1 Business Mentor by a HUGGGEEE mile!

‘MaXimus’ Mark Ottobre Author of The Truth about Supplements Series and ‘Eat Your Way to Abs’ and creator of The Alpha Body

My name is John Anderson and I create marketing that fuels fast growing companies.

Dale’s helped me enormously in my business.

Through following his 90 Day Action Plan System I’ve been focused on core business results like never before. (Rather than being side tracked by diversions.)

Dales also shown me a staff training tool that allows me to keep work quality high as my team grows.

Dale’s also revealed an amazing new free website platform that’s much easier to use than my old one – and given me the contact to get it created super-cheap.

I switched over to this new platform and it’s allowed me to update my website every few days and get multiple new hot leads for my business.

Through all the support and networks Dale has introduced me to he’s measurably added at least $50,000 to my business income.

Thanks for your all support Dale, you’re a legend!

John Anderson Managing Director, Conversion Masters

I got Dale Beaumont’s strategic input around our big 3-Day Sales Breakthrough training seminar in Los Angeles. We rolled out and we ended up with over $100,000 in sales and more in the pipeline!

We feel great about that result so I am grateful to Dale for his insights and support.

As a business owner that has created over $5 million in sales, I’ve been personally mentored by the top business leaders.

Now I can say with certainty that Dale is up there with the world’s best and he’s on the cutting edge of trends and technology that create business success.

Plus he’s honest and a genuine guy to boot.

Ari Galper Founder and CEO of Unlock The Game

My name is Marc Kalme and I own Tactical Training an R.T.O that’s trained over 2,500 people. With Dale Beaumont’s help I’ve achieved more in the past 90 days than the previous 12 months.

For example I have…

Launched an E-learning study option for our courses, set up a new product range and an on-line store to go with it. I’ve put in place new systemisation software in our business which makes generating profits a whole lot easier.

Best of all we’ve secured 100 new clients. This has been achieved by focusing on the sales and marketing using info learnt from Dale.

And I’ve had a had a total hip replacement in this time-frame which proves if you have the right systems and support from people like Dale – anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Marc Kalme Founder and Director of ‘Tactical Training’

Dale, your seminar has exceeded my wildest expectations.

The quality of the knowledge that I have picked up and has been shared is above and beyond my imagination. I walk away brimming with confidence, resources and answers that will allow me to achieve all of my business goals. Thanks a Million!

Aaron Byerlee Fitness Trainer and Business Owner

My name is Kerry Pottharst and I’m an Olympic gold medallist in beach volley ball.

I now do keynote motivational speeches for companies and conferences.

As a professional athlete I know champions are thorough in their preparation and Dale has allowed me to take control of my business with confidence.

I find now I consistently look over all the information and notes that he has given me. Dale completely over delivers.

For anyone that wants to be a business champion I thoroughly recommend working with Dale Beaumont.

Kerri Pottharst Olympic Gold Medallist (Sydney 2000 Games)

My name is Nigel Collins and my background is in running an entertainment design company.

We worked on corporate and public events including the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Para-Olympics. I’m now an international ‘Creativity guru’ helping companies turn their creativity into breakthrough commercial results.

I invested $3,000 for 3 hours of private consulting with Dale, and I’ve been blown away with the value that I’ve received.

Dale’s helped me create a new marketing resource for my business. Not only has he given me a checklist of things I need to get done that has made it so easy for me to go ahead and implement. But he’s also shown me how to test the marketing product in a highly affordable way which has actually saved me thousands of dollars.

The end result: The marketing material I’ve created is so good that if I met Steve Jobs or Jack Welch at the airport I’d be proud to hand it over to them.

Nigel Collin International Creativity Expert

I have often sought out Dale Beaumont and asked him for marketing advice at key stages of my business growth.

The ideas that he has given me on specific topics around marketing, websites and database systems have been amazing.

I would pay $10,000 without question to spend a full day inside Dale’s head.

Pat Mesiti World Renowned Millionaire Mindset Coach, author of Best Selling Book ‘$1 Million Reason to Change Your Mind’

Without doubt Dale Beaumont’s talk at the National Speakers Association has been the hit of the year.

The feedback has been absolutely outstanding with some members saying their annual subscription of $600 was worth it just for your 90 minute talk alone!

Also some members travelled 3 hours by car and said they were still talking about Dale’s session and making plans all the way home – until 1.30 in the morning.

I would suggest a few hours spent with you would add value to anyone serious about marketing themselves and their business in a smart effective way.

Bill James President, NSANZ Auckland Chapter

Thanks Dale, you are truly an inspiration.

I have learnt more about internet marketing than I have ever done at the many other internet marketing seminars I have attended.

Jenny Cartwright Australia’s Leading Tele-Sales Educator