In Dale’s final year of school, he started attending personal development, business and wealth creation courses. This education opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Dale and empowered him with a new mindset and way of thinking. This led Dale to ask, “why wasn’t I taught any of this at school?”

So after finishing his studies, Dale teamed up with good friend Brent Williams and together they started Tomorrows Youth International, an organisation that would run personal development programs for 13 to 21-year-olds. The core program would be called ‘Empower U’ and its focus would be teaching important life skills that aren’t focused on in schools.

Topics covered would include; goal setting, leadership, communication skills, time management, emotional intelligence, job interview techniques, money management and more.

Their first seminar was attended by just three participants in the northern suburbs of Sydney. However, within four years, they’d expanded the ‘Empower U’ program across Australia and into New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Incredibly the Empower U program, which was started in 2001, is still running to this day and over 30,000 young people have attended, changing lives for generations to come.

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