Dale has written and delivered over 50 different keynote presentations to help business leaders around the world. Here are a few of Dale’s most requested presentations that can be further customized for any audience.

The Top 10 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Over the course of four years, Dale Beaumont interviewed 240 people and published 15 books on business success. Now, in under an hour, Dale combines everything he learned and reveals the 10 top traits of successful entrepreneurs. Get ready to learn and be inspired along the way.

In this presentation audience members will discover…
  •  Are entrepreneurs born or made? The answer may surprise you
  • Why a ‘good idea’ is not necessary for building a great business
  • How to get your first customers and find the right path to profit
  • What entrepreneurs say about finding staff and keeping them
  • 5 tips successful people use to manage time and stay productive
  • How to expand quickly and stay ahead of your competition
  • What to do when everything falls apart and how to get back on top!



How to Use Marketing Partnerships to Scale Fast

What’s easier, finding one thousand new customers one at a time? Or finding one established business that is happy to market you to their one thousand customers? While the latter is clearly much smarter, most entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of this powerful strategy.

In this presentation audience members will discover…
  • What strategic alliances & joint ventures are really all about
  • 3 examples of marketing partnerships that made millions
  • 7 questions to ask to create a long list of possible partners
  • How to understand your true value & document your assets
  • 5 things you need to have ready before talking to partners
  • The best way to make contact and start the conversation
  • How to ‘seal-the-deal’ and establish win/win partnerships


How to Create a Business That Runs Without You

If you want to have a scalable and saleable business, then it needs to run without you. The secret to achieving this is having great “systems”. Systems multiply your effectiveness and they help you to work ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ the business. Join award-winning entrepreneur, Dale Beaumont, as he reveals how to free yourself from the daily grind and get the reward you deserve.

In this presentation audience members will discover…
  • Why systems play an important role in your success
  • 3 blocks you must clear to become a great systems builder
  • Why the old method of ‘policies & procedures’ is dead
  • The 8 words that will change how you run your business
  • Where to store systems so you can access them on the go
  • How to get ‘buy-in’ so your team helps ease the load
  • How to break-free from the day-to-day and finally let go