Over the last 10 years, Dale Beaumont has personally trained over 50,000 people to achieve greater levels of personal and business success. While proud, he’s always dreamed of doing more.

In March 2014, while presenting a live workshop, Dale had an experience that changed his life forever. He discovered a man had driven 11-hours to attend his business workshop. When asked why, the man replied, “Because I need help and don’t have anyone to talk to”.

After this, Dale did some research and discovered there are over 500 million small to medium business owners (SMBs) around the world. However sadly, only one percent have access to a business coach.

Given the scale of the problem, Dale realised conventional thinking and existing methods based on one-to-one advisory, meet-ups or even live events weren’t enough to solve this problem.

That’s when Dale turned to technology and started building Bizversity – a revolutionary product, which gives people direct access to ‘The World’s Best Business Training. Anywhere, Anytime.’

Today Bizversity is best described as the ‘Netflix for Business’ because it gives users exclusive access to over 1,000+ TV-Quality videos, which have been produced by over 250+ leading business experts from around the globe.

Plus, because Bizversity is an App that works on all smartphones, tablets and TVs, Bizversity’s entire content library is available to you on-demand and it’s with you everywhere you go.

To find out more about Bizversity and claim your free account, visit: http://bizversity.com