For almost 10 years Dale Beaumont has been at the helm of Business Blueprint, which is today one of the largest and most successful business education companies in Australia and New Zealand.

The idea for Business Blueprint came in 2008 after Dale wrote and self-published 15 books, which sold over a quarter of a million copies. This gave Dale a level of comfort and financial security to ask the question, “what do I love and what do I want to do next?”

For Dale, apart from family, his two biggest passions are ‘Business’ and ‘Education’. Business because one awesome owner can positively impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people and Education because Dale believes it’s what turns failure into success.

Also around this same time, Dale started receiving dozens of emails from friends asking him to help them with their businesses. Why? Because a major shift was taking place in the business world.

The explosion of social media, smartphones, websites like Facebook and YouTube, pay-per-click advertising, global outsourcing, marketing automation tools, cloud-based CRMs, and finance systems, were all dramatically changing how we build businesses.

Smart business owners realised they needed help to achieve success in this new world and they understood that they weren’t going to get the answers from their accountant, lawyer, bank manager or even their business coach.

So the requests for help started flooding in and Dale realised that given his early adoption and experience in this area, he was in the perfect position to help them. That’s when Dale started running seminars and workshops.

His first event was a free 1-Day workshop, which became a hit. However, as good as it was, there is only so much that you can help people in just one day and because things are constantly changing, there is a massive need for ongoing support.

So in 2009, Dale launched ‘Business Blueprint’, which is today considered to be the ‘Number 1 Business Education Program in Australia’. To find out why you can visit:

Now more than eight years on Business Blueprint has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners realise their dream of owning a successful business.

In fact, we now have hundreds of documented success stories, where you can see first hand the impact we have made. To view some of the success stories now, visit:

After watching, if you wish to find out more about Business Blueprint, you are invited to attend out latest 1-Day workshop, which is called 52 Ways. Or if you are passed that point and you’re ready to start working with us, you can visit the page below now: