“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

This was a quote by the late, great Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones – and it made quite a lasting impression on Dale when his interest in personal development was first sparked as a teenager.

“It was clear to me from a young age that investing in yourself by learning from experts was a smart way to proceed,” says Dale. “It fast tracks what you can accomplish and allows you to avoid the cost, time and trouble of figuring things out for yourself through trial and error.”

In the early 2000s, Dale began sharing his knowledge with teenagers through his role as co-founder of Tomorrows Youth International.

“By 2004, I was travelling extensively and presenting personal development seminars to teenagers across 6 different countries,” says Dale. “One of the success strategies I shared was, ‘Find out what successful people do and do the same thing until you get the same results.’ That led me to come up with the idea for the ‘Secrets Exposed’ series.”

Each book in the series contains a combination of inspirational stories and practical ‘how to’ information by individuals who’ve achieved significant success in their field of expertise.

“Each person profiled shares the insights they’ve gained over many years,” says Dale. “And if you multiply that by the 12 to 17 people featured in each book, you’re compressing around 250+ years of real and highly valuable experience in each edition.”

More than a quarter of a million ‘Secrets Exposed’ books have been sold to date. And in one year alone, Dale authored 11 books – an achievement unsurpassed by any Australian author.

Dale’s books include:

  1. Secrets of Male Entrepreneurs Exposed!
  2. Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed!
  3. Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed!
  4. Secrets of Young Achievers Exposed!
  5. Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed!
  6. Secrets of Great Public Speakers Exposed!
  7. Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed!
  8. Secrets of Great Success Coaches Exposed!
  9. Secrets of Entrepreneurs Under 40 Exposed!
  10. Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed!
  11. Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed!
  12. Secrets of Stock Market Traders Exposed!
  13. Secrets of Top Business Builders Exposed!
  14. Secrets of Inspiring Leaders Exposed!
  15. Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed!

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