A great speaker will open people’s eyes and stimulate their thinking. And if they do this in an entertaining way, even better.

Dale Beaumont is such a speaker.

With an abundance of business expertise – and possessing a fresh and engaging stage presence – Dale is a popular speaker for a variety of events.

“Through my experience as founder of Business Blueprint®, as well as being exposed to the ideas and insights of 250 successful entrepreneurs through my ‘Secrets Exposed’ book series, my presentations feature the best and most cutting edge business building ideas,” says Dale. “These generate a lot of interest in my audience and get them thinking creatively about how they can apply them in their world.”

Dale’s depth of knowledge across a wide range of personal development and business building topics is unrivalled. As a result, he is able to customise his presentations so they are highly relevant and valuable to audiences everywhere.

Dale is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year. He can deliver to a live audience or via a webinar. To see him in action, attend an upcoming 52 Ways.

By engaging Dale as a speaker, you’re sure to maximise the impact and influence of your next event. Learn more.

Business Keynotes

Dale has written and delivered over 50 different keynote presentations to help business leaders around the world.

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Technology Keynotes

As a ‘non-technical’ Founder, Dale decided ‘if technology is going to be the next 50 years, I’d better start learning now’. So he began studying programming, hired a tech team and began building the future of his industry. Today Dale speaks to business people around the world on ‘how to embrace technology – even if you don’t understand it’.

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Success Keynotes

Having grown up training 36 hours per week in the sport of Gymnastics, Dale quickly learned many of the fundamental principles of success. Since retiring from sport, Dale has applied those same principles to other areas of this life – most notably in business, where Dale has built several multi-million dollar companies. Today, Dale enjoys sharing his knowledge and inspiring people of all ages to achieve their full potential and live their dreams.

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