How to Read a Newspaper While Driving the Car

I would like to share with you a system that’s been working great for me. It involves two apps that you need to download on your smartphone, available on both Apple and Android.

Flipboard is to collate and Pocket is to consume.

2 Apps That Make Reading a Breeze While Driving


Flipboard is an app that you can download for free. After downloading and installing on your phone, what you can do is use it to connect to all the news services that you care about. Some of those could be local in your country or some could be publications like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

You can also use Flipboard to subscribe to major blogs around the world including TechCrunch and Mashable. You can follow certain people who are effective aggregators, who find information about specific industries and bring it all together for you.

Once you’ve connected to the news services that you care about, what you simply do is you flip with a flick of your finger. Flip to quickly see the stories you care about.

I do this once every morning and once every night. It takes me literally two minutes to find the content that is relevant to me. I keep flicking until I find a story that I actually care about. During that time, I could normally scan between 50 to 100 articles.

When I find stories that I really care about and are really relevant to me right now, I don’t read them then and there. I click on a button below and add it to another app called Pocket.


Pocket is a mobile application where you can put articles and videos for later consumption. You can save them directly from your browser or from apps like Flipboard.

When I’m driving to the office, I simply open the Pocket app and click on the article. It then starts playing the audio. By doing this, I can consume 5-10 articles just on the drive to the office.

If I really like the article I read, I mark it as a favourite. When my virtual assistant logs in once a day and sees all the articles I’ve favourited, she will share it on social media.

Another cool thing about Pocket is the offline availability of articles. One you save an article, you can read it later even without internet access. This is what I do, have articles read to me while I’m in the air flying. If I have no access to the internet, I would go back and consume 10-20 articles. I can do this when I can’t do other works.

If you want to consume more content, you can do the same, too! It’s really all about how you maximise your time so you can do more with less.

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