So you want to meet my wife? Sure thing.

Her name is Katherine and we met in the year 2000, when I was 19, while working at a seminar company. We started out as friends, begun dating, moved in together and in November 2003 we got married at Waikiki Beach Park in Hawaii.

Katherine grew up in Newcastle, NSW and when she finished school, studied Naturopathy, graduated and then set up her own private practice. Shortly after, she became the general manager of a national vitamins company.

Since meeting, we have done everything together. Started various businesses, built up a property portfolio and travelled to more than 80 countries.

In 2007 Katherine gave birth to our first son named Finnegan and in 2010 another named Callan. Or as she calls it, ‘the heir and the spare’.

As for other details, Katherine is more of a private person and would much rather be reading a historical novel than posting on Facebook.

However, it’s important to know, that she is very much involved in the day-to-day of our businesses and without her help and love, I would not be where I am today.

Finally, if you were really hoping to see a photo, here you go.