What if you could learn from the experts at a young age, what it would take you years of trial and error to discover for yourself?

This was the thinking that led Dale to embark on a program to help young people get a real head start in life.

“I’d been fortunate to have the experience of doing representative gymnastics and competitive aerobics as a kid,” says Dale. “The experience taught me the value of having goals, working hard and of having a coach. After I left school, I started looking for coaches who could help me succeed in life.”

“At their presentations, I’d meet older people who would say to me with tears in their eyes, “You’re so lucky. If only I’d been exposed to these ideas when I was young like you, that would have made all the difference.”

This got Dale thinking, and together with his friend Brent Williams, they wrote the book, ‘The World At Your Feet’ for teenagers, featuring the 7 secrets of success. In 2000, Dale and Brent established ‘Tomorrows Youth International’, an organisation running advanced life skills seminars for teenagers.

In the years since, 30,000 young people in six countries have passed through, and the program continues today.

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