Without doubt Dale Beaumont’s talk at the National Speakers Association has been the hit of the year.

The feedback has been absolutely outstanding with some members saying their annual subscription of $600 was worth it just for your 90 minute talk alone!

Also some members travelled 3 hours by car and said they were still talking about Dale’s session and making plans all the way home – until 1.30 in the morning.

I would suggest a few hours spent with you would add value to anyone serious about marketing themselves and their business in a smart effective way.

Bill James - President, NSANZ Auckland Chapter

Thanks Dale, you are truly an inspiration.

I have learnt more about internet marketing than I have ever done at the many other internet marketing seminars I have attended.

Jenny Cartwright - Australia’s Leading Tele-Sales Educator

Since attending your training program five weeks ago I’ve…

Developed a new website with embedded Youtube videos and the gold standard database Customer Relationship Management system you recommended.

Got my new computer set up with all the time saving technology tools you revealed.

I’ve also started using $5 an hour V.A’s on the freelancer portal you showed us how to use.

And that’s just the start!

Thanks so much!! I now feel like nothing is standing in my way of dominating my industry.

Jason Jay - Australia’s Motivational Speaker

Before working with Dale Beaumont I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I was not quite sure how to build my brand to that next level and where to go to get things done?!

Since working with Dale I’ve revamped my book to launch into the U.S, I’ve made a bunch of important strategy changes to my website and I’ve started making videos to share on YouTube to build my business.

Also in the case of video creation he showed me what camera to buy, where to get it from and exactly what it should cost.

Stop making your business hard. Dale shows you the easier way. It is like a breath of fresh air into the business. He is an amazing man…”

Terry Hawkins - CEO of People in Progress, Business Training Company

My name is Ray Jamieson and I have run Executive Mastermind for over a decade.

However, I needed to move up a level to stay ahead of my game, maintain my level of client service and keep pace with technology. Dale Beaumont has enabled all of this for me.

As a business educator, it’s so refreshing to finally meet someone who really DOES have the goods, for other professionals to learn from.

I am now planning the new website, implementing and integrating the new technology, and creating totally new products and services tailored around the needs of my market for 2011 and beyond.

However, it doesn’t stop there! I will be maintaining my market advantage by working with Dale through the next year and beyond, to keep pace with not only the technology, but the mindset of a professional, successful business consultant and financial adviser.

I believe Executive Mastermind has now joined the major leagues, thanks to Dale!

Ray Jamieson - Executive Mastermind

I have attended many seminars and been with many “Guru’s” of business over the last couple of years and they teach a lot of old school, “what to do” in business.

I found applying those methods was like a dog chasing its tale putting in big effort with little profit.

Since being with Dale I now know the “how to do it” in business in significant detail. In my opinion, Dale is the modern day scientist of business.

He has shown me how cutting edge technology is able to take my business to a new frontier, where I now have pragmatic tools to pioneer highly innovative ideas in my niche.

I am now able to add value to thousands of raving fan clients in a systematised and consistent way. All with little effort from me because Dale was able to find the points of leverage to lift my business from barely surviving to blossoming.

What I especially like about Dale is that he is on my back and checking on me, spurring me forward – I can’t hide!

If you are serious about your business, whatever Dale says, DO IT! Because not doing it is a huge risk.

Spiro Koumoulas - Learning Edge and Visual Maths

Staring down the barrel of our 5th year of business, we were looking for tools that would help us to take our bigger vision and turn it into a shiny reality.

We knew we still had so much to learn in the world of business and we wanted to find that Mentor who could really look at our business and see how we could make it better.

There were books galore, and any number of seminars to attend but we needed help from someone who could deliver the tools that would make an immediate impact on our business – a Business Educator who could give us the tools that we could apply to our business there and then. So, we turned to Dale Beaumont.

Looking at our business through the Dale Beaumont Business Education microscope, and armed with his practical business strategies, we’ve been able come back to the office and easily apply the talk and the tools into immediate action.

We are now focusing on key areas to increase our business growth, and even better, they are working! Using Dale’s simple 90 Day Plans means that long “to do” lists and feeling like we are barely staying on top of the daily demands of our business are a thing of the past: every day, we are moving closer to our vision and watching the list of achievements grow at the same pace as our business.

Through all of this, we’ve learnt one big lesson: when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then you’re ready for Dale Beaumont!

Randall Smith - Managing Director Churchill Education

After designing best-selling books, attracting international attention with my website designs and assisting many clients to increase sales and exposure through traditional branding and marketing, I actually thought I ‘knew stuff’ … and my clients did too – even though growth was slow and results were not as amazingas I knew they could be.

I’d been accumulating a lot of knowledge through books and courses, but in hindsight I can see that there were so many ‘missing links’ in my knowledge…

But after attending Dale’s seminar I could see a whole different realm of possibilities – ways to do things that were MUCH more effective and efficient than before.

Dale’s advice really helped me put all the pieces together in a way I could easily understand and implement.

Dale’s seminar certainly opened the ‘flood-gates’ for me and I now have a myriad of simple strategies and business opportunities which are alreadymaking a MASSIVE difference… I can really see the ‘dream life’ starting to unfold.”

Matt Cumming - Creative Director of NEU and Author of ‘Future-Proof Brands’

I attended a business program with Dale Beaumont back in March 2010. At the time I had a website that was getting good traffic but was making no money.

After consulting with Dale in one of the breaks he explained how I needed to start leveraging my database and gave me a step-by-step plan of attack and told me exactly what I needed to do.

For the next 2 months I got busy implementing everything I learnt from Dale.

Then it came time to launch my product. To be honest I would have been stoked if I just make a few thousand dollars.

But what happened next was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Here are the results…

  • In the first hour after launch I made $5,000
  • By the second hour I had made $9,900
  • And by the end of the day I had made my first $20,000
  • Today is day 5 and I have made just over $39,000

I have never made money this fast in my life.

Now I am planning a holiday to Korea to see my girlfriend, which is something that I was previously unable to do.

Thanks Dale for giving me this amazing gift. Your stuff REALLY WORKS and it’s changed my life forever.

Andrew Price - Founder of BlenderGuru.com

I decided to work with Dale Beaumont to discover how to find more IDEAL CLIENTS.

My company, VISIONFinance, had worked by referral only for over 5 years as previous attempts at advertising had been unsuccessful at generating good quality leads.

Dale changed all this with very specific advice on how to create a consistent marketing system.

With the help of the professionals he recommended we were able to generate 85 enquiries from our very first ad and one of those enquiries immediately converted to an ideal client with a $1.4 million loan.

That alone has made Dale’s advice worth every penny and I’m excited to see where we go to from here.

Nikk Seagren - Founder of Vision Finance