Like many small business owners I was completely absorbed in my business, I now realise much to my personal detriment and the growth of the businesses itself.

As they say I couldn’t see the woods for the trees.

I wasn’t sure that I had the time nor the funds to attend Dale Beaumont’s seminar. But I was lucky enough to join in on a 45 minute webinar that Dale ran and I was just blow away with what I learnt in 45 minutes. I made up my mind then to attend his seminar.

Since attending Dale’s seminar I have completely refocused the business, changed trading names and setup a new website. We have also started using a number of different software packages to save time and have taken on a virtual assistant.

This input from Dale has allowed us to double revenue in just 6 months!

I would recommend Dale and his seminar to any business owner. The amount of information Dale has and openly shares is just amazing. I have read many business books over the years and attended many other seminars.

What I love about Dale’s is his “practical” rather than theoretical approach. Everything you learn can be applied to you business to deliver short term if not immediate results.

What’s more Dale shares with you how he has implemented these same things into his own business, which shows me he practices what he preaches.

Brendon Granger - Business Development Asia Pacific

After 27 years as a business owner growing a business from $50k per year in sales to over $2.5 million today I thought I had a good idea about business skills, then I met Dale Beaumont.

To be honest, at first I wondered what this good looking, young family man was going to teach me about my salon business and boy was I in for a surprise and not to be disappointed.

His passion to make “being in your own business” easy and doable is instantly contagious.

I have personal watched people grow around him in knowledge and financial growth and his pursuit of cutting edge technology for my own business and others is mind blowing.

Dale has recently showed me step-by-step how to develop an “iPhone App” for our business – making our salon business the first of its kind to do this. Plus it’s an amazing tool to reach our clients who are very impressed with our innovation.

Thank you Dale! I love your work.

Libby Dedman - Founder of Just Liberated and SalonPrenure

With two successful businesses in my own right I was a little sceptical about what value Dale could provide with regard to business prowess.

I personally only viewed him as ‘the book guy’ having published 15 best sellers (great ones at that!).

I was certainly surprised, after years of attending high level seminars, to experience first hand the exceptional content that Dale presented at his events.

Dale’s cutting edge business expertise is outstanding, his generosity with knowledge is admirable, his enthusiasm is contagious, and he genuinely wants to see others succeed.

I would highly recommend connecting with Dale and his Business Blueprint for any business owner serious about fast-tracking their business and life success. Dale is the real deal!

Andrew Smith - Dr.DRIP Pty Ltd and Tradesman Inner Circle Pty Ltd

Having successfully built up a marketing services company from the ground up to become the 15th largest in the world (with over 6000 staff) I have come to be a very good judge of character.

What I can say about Dale is that he’s one of the rising stars in the business and coaching world. He has achieved an enormous amount – building several successful businesses and selling over a quarter of a million books. As an author myself I know this is no mean feat.

Now I’m delighted to hear that Dale is now sharing his unique mix of “how to” knowledge and wisdom with others.

Plus I know Dale spends a huge amount of time and effort to stay up to date with new technology and the latest marketing strategies to help win new customers.

My advice: If Dale Beaumont is putting on an event and sharing what he knows…BE THERE!

Siimon Reynolds - Co-founder of The Photon Group

I had been to many business seminars before and all had promised so much and yet failed to deliver. Naturally I went to Dale’s seminar with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Dales seminar gave so much value before lunch on the first day that I would have been happy just with that. The great news was it keep going for 2 full days.

Everybody talks about how they want to take their business to the next level. Until I attended Dales seminar I thought that a lot of this was pie in the sky and it seemed overwhelming and unobtainable.

Dale not only gave me the tools and road map to achieve my business and personal goals, but the motivation and vision to see that I could achieve this and more. With what I have implemented from Dale I will not only take it to the next level, but also will be able to take it to the next ten.

I have never met someone with so much knowledge in so many different areas. The man is a walking encyclopaedia and is so generous with his time and knowledge.

To gain the business strategies from anyone else just would not be possible. You would have to attend ten different seminars to gain what Dale presents in just one.

I feel that with the knowledge that I have gained from Dale I am so far ahead of my competitors in my industry and with his 90 day action plan which allows me to focus on my main goals and not be distracted.

I would recommend Dale as a business mentor to anyone looking for an edge on their business providing a better and more efficient way to do business.

Beau Mannix - Natural Fertility Specialist at Positive Balance Natural Health

I have known Dale for a number of years now and I have had the privilege to see how he pours his heart and soul into every one of the programs he puts together.

It is so refreshing to see a mentor and coach constantly step up to deliver more and more value. Dale is a true professional.

What impresses me is Dale’s commitment to stay abreast of all the latest marketing and technological developments from around the world and he shares them so abundantly with the delegates at his programs.

Dale ‘walks his talk’ and the best part is the integrity with which he does it. The bottom line is that he over delivers top quality, world class, cutting edge business know-how.

If anyone has the opportunity to be in a room with Dale, for any amount of time what so ever, I would highly recommend they grab it with both hands.

Judeth Wilson - International Trainer of Trainers, Founder of The Trainers Ultimate Toolkit, Author, Professional Speaker and Mentor